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Linux Foundation, TARS Foundation Launch Free Microservices Training Course


Linux Foundation and TARS Foundation have introduced a new online training course, Building Microservice Platforms with TARS, on the edX platform. The course is an introduction to microservices and the TARS framework for beginners.

For the uninitiated, TARS is a high performance, open source RPC framework developed by Tencent as a full-fledged enterprise solution for microservice maintenance, development and operation.

The new course explains how to efficiently develop microservices programs using different programming languages and quickly deploy the corresponding services into applications. It also delves into the powerful functionalities of TARS and the components that make up the TARS ecosystem.

This course is designed for engineers working in microservices as well as enterprise managers interested in exploring internal technical architectures, especially working for digital transmission in traditional industries.

In addition, anyone interested in software architecture will benefit from this course as it provides an overview of microservices and hands-on examples of building applications based on TARS.

Upon completion, students will be able to wield a powerful skill for understanding microservices architecture and should be able to quickly build stable and reliable applications based on TARS.

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