Guest: Rob Hirschfeld (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: RackN (Twitter)

RackN is an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) software platform that helps companies build end-to-end automation and workflows for any type of infrastructure across every type of system that they have to integrate. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Co-Founder and CEO Rob Hirschfeld shares his industry forecast for the new year.

Hirschfeld sees the following hot topics for 2023:

  • Platform engineering and the tooling that supports it
  • Software interconnect layer or computing interconnect layer, i.e., taking next-generation PCI bus and actually connecting systems together in a converged way
  • ARM processors
  • More direct competition as well as collaboration between cloud providers

Enterprises will be challenged with

  • Not having enough time to implement hard projects due to economic constraints and shifting markets
  • Finding and retaining talent. Some of the skills needed to do the type of platform engineering, high-scale automation, and distributed control work are specialized.

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