In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk (which was recorded a while back), Sylvia Hooks, Vice President (Portfolio Marketing & Enablement) – Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, talks about one of the recent surveys by Aruba to better understand how IT leaders recognize that the ability of organizations to realize business value from data increasingly depends on their capacity to collect, process, store, and analyze that data at the edge.

We covered a wide range of topics in this interview including how Hooks would define the ‘edge’. How are modern enterprises already leveraging edge computing? What trends is Hooks seeing in the space in terms of edge adoption? Unique challenges that edge poses and what kind of solutions is Aruba building to tackle those challenges? We then talked about the data side of the edge and how companies are processing data at the edge itself, instead of sending it back to the cloud. We also touched upon one of the biggest focus areas of TFiR -Security. We concluded the interview with a discussion on how the edge is using AI and ML technologies.

Guest: Sylvia Hooks (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Featured Company: Aruba
Show: Let’s Talk
Topics: Edge Computing

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