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Abby Kearns Joins Invoke AI Board of Directors


Invoke AI, maker of open-source generative artificial intelligence (AI) software built for artists and creative teams, announced that Abby Kearns has joined its board of directors. With more than 20 years tech experience, Kearns is a veteran of the industry. Her career has spanned Fortune 500 companies, startups, as well as open source software foundations. Most recently the chief technology officer at Puppet, Kearns now also serves as a board director for Lightbend and Stackpath.

”I expect a renaissance in creativity with AI that will empower creative professionals like artists, game designers, architects, graphic and product designers,” said Kent Keirsey, founder and CEO, Invoke AI. “Our differentiation lies in our open source core and Abby is helping us drive that strategy. We empower our customers by deploying models based on open-licensed foundations rather than a proprietary system, which gives them unrivaled flexibility, control, and scalability of their generative AI infrastructure.”

“Kent and Invoke AI’s commitment to open source principles and ethical co-creation aligns perfectly with my values, and I believe is a critical path forward for AI,” said Kearns. “ I look forward to contributing to the success of Invoke’s enterprise offering, which provides businesses with the tools they need to securely offer generative AI tools to their teams while maintaining complete ownership and security over their intellectual property.”

Invoke AI has been one of the fastest-growing open source software repositories since its inception in 2022 with over 19,000 stars on GitHub.