Acceldata, the enterprise data observability company, has acquired AI platform Bewgle to expand its enterprise data observability capabilities into AI and large language models (LLMs). Bewgle founders Ganga Kumar and Shan Shah, both former Google employees, will lead the AI team at Acceldata and will expand the company’s observability offerings for AI.

“Enterprise data management will fundamentally change with the adoption of AI first platforms,” said Rohit Choudhary, CEO and co-founder of Acceldata. “Acceldata is committed to innovation, and we are proud to welcome a team with AI expertise to build products at scale and empower enterprises to improve data observability while reducing costs and driving AI success. This acquisition propels us into the next phase of growth as we expand our product offerings into new markets and help customers achieve superior business outcomes with maximum return on AI investments.”

“As the adoption of generative AI continues to grow at an extraordinary pace, we are thrilled to join Acceldata and collaborate to push the boundaries of data observability with AI-driven solutions,” said Ganga Kumar, CEO of Bewgle. “We look forward to working together to empower enterprise customers to confidently innovate and drive incredible value from their data using best-in-class AI products.”

Bewgle customers include leading companies in retail and e-commerce, expanding on Acceldata’s existing leadership in the financial services, telecom, healthcare, and data-provider industries. Bewgle was backed by Ideaspring Capital.

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