Open Source solves day one problem but running a full stack of cloud-native applications, whether on-prem or on cloud, can become very complicated very quickly. That’s why managed services are so important for open source. To ease the deployment of Presto, Ahana has created managed services around the open source Presto project, which came out of the Hadoop ecosystem. At the recently held PrestoCon Day, the company announced new capabilities for its Presto managed service. We invited Dipti Borkar, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Ahana, to discuss these new capabilities and also the importance of managed services.

[su_box title=”About our guest:” style=”soft” box_color=”#f4f4f4″ title_color=”#e50d70″ class=”hvr-grow”]Dipti Borkar is a Cofounder and CPO of Ahana with over 15 years experience in distributed data and database technology including relational, NoSQL and federated systems. She is also the Presto Foundation Outreach Chairperson. Prior to Ahana, Dipti held VP roles at Alluxio, Kinetica and Couchbase. [/su_box]

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