Ahana, the Presto company, has announced major momentum in customer and community adoption for the first half of the year. Ahana Cloud for Presto has seen strong adoption across many verticals in the mid-size and enterprise markets for its easy to use and high performance cloud managed service to query AWS S3 data lakes.

Ahana has continued to grow its customer base across all verticals in the mid-size and enterprise markets, including companies in the telco, FinServ, AdTech, and security industries, and today there are dozens of companies using Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS. Recent notable additions and success stories include Securonix, Dialog, Carbon, Rev, Metropolis, Requis, and Cartona.

Earlier this year, ad tech company Carbon shared at PrestoCon why they chose Ahana Cloud for Presto to power their customer-facing dashboards and eCommerce company Cartona presented their Ahana Cloud for Presto use case. Securonix, a security operations and analytics company, is one of the latest companies to deploy Ahana Cloud for Presto.

The Presto open source community has also continued to grow exponentially over the course of the year. March’s PrestoCon Day was the largest Presto event to date and featured sessions from Facebook on the Presto roadmap and Twitter on the RaptorX project, plus panel discussions on the Presto ecosystem and Presto, Today and Beyond.

Global Presto meetups have grown in size to over 1,000 members across the globe in cities like New York City, London, Bangalore, Sydney, and more, and Presto Foundation membership has grown to ten companies with new members Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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