Ahana announced today at PrestoCon Day new capabilities for its Ahana Cloud for Presto managed service. The major areas of focus include performance, better cluster management, ease of use, and security.

According to the company, one of the key features is the data lake IO caching capability that can improve query performance, reducing latencies up to 80%.

Ahana Cloud for Presto is the only cloud-native managed service for Presto and with the new data lake IO caching capability, is now also the only Presto plus caching service for users. Data lake IO caching, built on the RubiX open source project, eliminates the need to read data from data lakes like AWS S3, particularly if the same data is read over and over.

Today, Ahana Cloud users can easily enable data lake caching with the click of a button when creating a new Presto cluster. The rest, including attaching SSDs and sizing the cache based on the user selected instance type, is all done automatically. Ahana has also open sourced this feature for the Presto community, which will be available in the upcoming PrestoDB release.

Also, new clusters now come pre-tuned with even more advanced features enabled, including the Cost-based Optimizer and Dynamic Filtering Capabilities which can improve performance, particularly for complex queries, as well as memory tuning.

Other major improvements include automated and versioned upgrades of Ahana Compute Plane; ability to deploy different instance types for Presto coordinator and workers, as well as Ahana-managed Hive Metastore Catalog; customized IP block allocation for the Ahana-managed Virtual Private Cloud; support for asynchronous query execution with Apache Superset in the Ahana Compute Plane; one click creation of AWS provisioning roles and policies needed with an AWS CloudFormation Template.

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