Ahana, the Presto company, has been accepted into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program. Ahana Cloud for Presto was launched in AWS Marketplace in December. As a member of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, Ahana will be able to drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by co-selling with AWS Account Managers who are the trusted advisors in most cases.

Ahana has also been selected into the AWS Global Startup Program, an invite-only, go-to-market program built to support startups that have raised institutional funding, achieved product-market fit, and are ready to scale.

Steven Mih, Cofounder and CEO, Ahana, said, “Ahana’s acceptance into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program and AWS Global Startup Program will allow us to be better aligned with AWS Account Managers who work closely with AWS customers, to drive adoption of Ahana Cloud for Presto and help more organizations accelerate their time to insights.”

Securonix uses Ahana Cloud for Presto for SQL analytics on their Amazon S3 data lake. They are pulling in billions of events per day, and that data needs to be searched for threats. With Ahana Cloud on AWS, Securonix customers can identify threats in real-time at a reasonable price.

Ahana’s acceptance into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program enables the company to meet customer needs through collaboration with the AWS Sales organization. Collaboration with the AWS Sales team enables Ahana to provide better outcomes to customers, the company added.

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