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Ahana Strengthens Its Commitment To Meta’s Velox Open Source Project


Ahana, the only SaaS for Presto, is strengthening its commitment to the further development of the Velox Open Source Project, created by Meta, with the dedication of more engineers and significant contributors. Ahana joined Intel and ByteDance as the project’s primary contributors when it was open sourced in 2021.

Velox is a state-of-the-art, C++ database acceleration library. It provides high-performance, reusable, and extensible data processing components, which can be used to accelerate, extend, and enhance data computation engines. It is currently integrated with more than a dozen data systems at Meta, from analytical query engines such as Presto and Spark to stream processing platforms and machine learning libraries such as PyTorch.

Pedro Pedreira, Software Engineer, Meta sees Velox as an important step towards a more modular approach to architecting data management systems.

Steven Mih, Co-founder and CEO, Ahana, said: “As data becomes central to every organization, we see many enterprise data teams facing similar challenges around consistency of diverse data systems, which Velox-based systems could solve. As a primary contributor from the start, we are furthering our commitment to grow a community of developers to collaboratively accelerate the project.”