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AI & ML Are Making Cloud-Native Apps More Secure


Guest: Utpal Bhatt (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Tigera (Twitter)
Keywords: Cloud Native, Security
Show: To The Point

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are playing a key role in actively security cloud-native applications. In this clip, Utpal Bhatt, Chief Marketing Officer at Tigera, explains how Tigera is leveraging AI and ML technologies to secure cloud-native applications.

About Utpal Bhatt: As Chief Marketing Officer for Tigera, Utpal is responsible for overall marketing strategy and execution, Utpal brings 20+ years of Marketing and Product Management leadership experience at high-growth start-ups and large companies.

About Tigera: Tigera empowers organizations to secure, observe, and troubleshoot containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. Its commercial products include Calico Enterprise, a self-managed security and observability platform, and Calico Cloud, a Kubernetes-native cloud service that extends the declarative nature of Kubernetes. Its open-source offering, Calico Open Source, is the most widely adopted container networking and security solution.