Bharti Airtel has announced its strategic partnership with Bridgepointe Technologies, a tech advisory firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies bridge the gap between tech investments and business results. The partnership will enable US enterprises interested in expanding to India and Africa to leverage Airtel’s digital infrastructure solution.

Through this partnership, Bridgepointe will leverage its own established foothold in the data centre market and be able to offer all of Airtel’s products and services as part of their portfolio. Major offerings include global connectivity solutions, DIA, IPLC, Data Centre and SD-WAN.

Additionally, the partnership will capitalise on Nxtra by Airtel’s largest network of secure, scalable, and sustainable data centres in India offering services to several leading enterprises, hyperscalers, start-ups, SMEs and governments across the country. Nxtra’s commitment to sustainability and achieving net zero by 2031 will also be at the forefront of Bridgepointe’s outreach.

Airtel’s knowledge, experience and understanding of every layer of the communications ecosystem, combined with the company’s commitment to sustainability, creates the perfect framework for partnerships with companies such as Bridgepointe looking to expand into India and Africa.

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