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Alcide Launches sKan Developer & DevOps Command Line Tool


Kubernetes security firm Alcide has rolled out an open and free command line tool called sKan, bringing Alcide Security Platform to the hands of developers, DevOps and Kubernetes application builders.

  • Alcide sKan, powered by technology behind Alcide Advisor and Open Policy Agent (OPA), is a software translation of DevSecOps culture and shifting security left to the hands of developers building Kubernetes-based applications.
  • Alcide sKan complements Kubernetes application builders’ choice of deployment framework tooling, whether this is via Helm charts, Kustomized resources or plain Kubernetes resource files (Yaml/Json).
  • Alcide sKan helps filling the Kubernetes security skills gap engineering teams often experienced by putting in developers’ and DevOps’ hands a tool that provides immediate feedback on security issues, risk, hardening and best practices, of Kubernetes deliverables, before even committing to a single line of code or deploying.
  • Each sKan covers a range of potential security risks Kubernetes application builders must care about: from verifying that deployment files are not configured to run privileged, nor introduce risks to Kubernetes worker nodes, through RBAC sanitation checks, identifying secret leaks and many more.

“What we keep hearing from our customers and prospects is that they want to bring the K8s security insights to developers early on,” says Gadi Naor, Alcide’s CTO and co-founder. “How can we bring the insights from Alcide Kubernets Advisor to the hands of developers that build applications running on Kubernetes in the most automated and seamless manner? This is why we created sKan, to serve as a checkpoint tool for developers that is available in their comfort zone without interrupting their development workflow.”