Alluxio has closed FY2021 with sales growth of 3.5x over FY2020 and operationally has reached cash flow positive.

Headlining the year, Alluxio is now delivering the data orchestration layer for analytics & AI workloads in various environments, including multi cloud and hybrid cloud, to five of the top six cloud providers.

The company said it doubled the number of customers year-over-year and inked seven figure deals with Fortune 500 companies. Also, Fortune 50 mobile device manufacturer deployed Alluxio at enormous scale with 3,000 nodes in a single cluster.

Fortune 50 technology company’s single largest deployment of Alluxio manages over 1 zetabyte of data.
The company also expanded deployments with leading tech companies such as Alibaba, Facebook, Microsoft, Tencent and more.

Alluxio 2.4 shipped in October featuring an expanded metadata service, a new management console for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, and more cloud native deployments.

At the core of the Alluxio Data Orchestration Platform is a metadata service, a scalable, distributed data service for management across multiple sources like traditional Hadoop-based data lakes on-premises or modern cloud-based data lakes.

Leveraged to unify data lakes at enormous scale, both in data size and number of files, Alluxio has expanded this service to provide support for billions of files while removing third-party system dependencies.

The Alluxio Data Orchestration Hub is a new web-based management console that makes it easy to connect an analytics or machine learning clusters with multiple data sources to unify data lakes.

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