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AlmaLinux Announces Codenotary As Its First Platinum Member


AlmaLinux OS Foundation has announced that Codenotary has joined its governance board as the first Platinum member. As a former CentOS user, Codenotary is investing in AlmaLinux to support its growth.

In his new role as vice president of product at Codenotary, Jack Aboutboul will continue to serve on the AlmaLinux governing board as community manager alongside benny Vasquez, chair of the AlmaLinux Foundation and manager of developer relations and community for Chef at Progress; Eugene Zamriy, AlmaLinux director of release engineering and senior software engineer at CloudLinux; Jesse Asklund, AlmaLinux board member and vice president of customer experience for cPanel; and Simon Phipps, AlmaLinux board member and standards and policy director for Open Source Initiative (OSI).

The governing board is responsible for organization oversight including operations, strategic direction, defining goals in line with the mission, and satisfying financial and other regulations.

AlmaLinux is a production-ready drop-in replacement for the CentOS Linux distribution that will cease to be supported at the end of this year. The most recent 8.5 release was distributed within 48 hours of upstream Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5.