Amazon Launches AI Musical Keyboard


Amazon has introduced a musical keyboard with a built-in AI composer. Called DeepComposer, it is claimed to be the “world’s first” machine learning-enabled musical keyboard for developers.

The DeepComposer is a two-octave, 32-key keyboard that lets developers to get hands on with Generative AI, with either pretrained models or their own, AWS AI and machine learning evangelist Julien Simon says in a blog post. Generative AI is said to open the door to an entire world of possibilities for human and computer creativity, with practical applications emerging from turning sketches into images for accelerated product development, to improving computer-aided design of complex objects.

By logging into the DeepComposer console, users can record a short musical tune, or use a prerecorded one, and also select a generative model for their favorite genre, either pretrained or their own. They can later use this to generate a new polyphonic composition, play the composition in the console, or export the composition or share it on SoundCloud.

The keyboard uses a form of deep-learning AI called a generative adversarial network.

To start with, Amazon will make available DeepComposer in the US only from early 2020. It will cost $99.