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Amazon Relational Database Service comes to VMware


CEO of Amazon Web Services Andy Jassy joined CEO VMware, Pat Gelsinger, to announce the availability of Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) on VMware.

As we know provisioning, patching, backing up, cloning, restoring, scaling, and monitoring relational these databases is tedious, expensive, and risky. Things become even more complicated when we try to set up and manage databases for high availability, replicating data across multiple nodes.

“When we originally partnered on VMware Cloud on AWS, our message was clear – we’re giving customers what they want, the best of both worlds from the leaders in private and public cloud. With Amazon RDS for VMware, we’re doing it again,” said Pat Gelsinger, Chief Executive Officer, VMware.

Amazon RDS on VMware automates database provisioning, operating system and database patching, backup, point-in-time restore, storage and compute scaling, instance health monitoring, and failover.

Amazon RDS on VMware automates database management regardless of where the database is deployed, freeing up customers to focus on developing and tuning their applications. Available in the coming months, Amazon RDS on VMware will support Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB databases.

Amazon RDS on VMware is a service that will make it easy for customers to set up, operate, and scale databases in VMware-based software-defined data centers and hybrid environments and to migrate them to AWS or VMware Cloud on AWS.