Ambassador Labs has announced the new release of Ambassador Cloud with new capabilities that connect the tools and technologies to foster team collaboration for successful full app lifecycle management. Built on leading open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects, including Emissary-ingress, Telepresence, and Argo, Ambassador Cloud includes new features that unlock the cloud native “paved path” developer experience. Teams now have the freedom to continue using the technologies and tools they already use in concert with accepted best practices across the full application lifecycle for Kubernetes.

New Docker Extension for Telepresence, available now for private beta users, supports distributed team developer productivity and collaboration to code, debug, and deploy applications faster than ever before. Users can add debugging, testing, networking, security, and other tools to their Docker Desktop installation to support development workflows, improve productivity, and speed up innovation without having to learn new patterns.

Also, an updated service catalog page makes it easy for users to manage services from a single-pane-of-glass view. Developers can view the real-time status of all services (both individual applications or groups of services) in the development, staging and production environments, and intercept a service or rollout to different environments with just a few clicks.

To support outer development loop success, Ambassador Cloud includes new automated Deployment Previews in each pull request to inform and empower distributed teams as they review features or changes in a common repository, GitHub. Built on top of the CI/CD tooling that the developer team is already using and Telepresence at its core, Deployment Previews allow each team member to be actively involved in building code with real-time visibility into feature implementations or changes made.

Ambassador Cloud is available today and is free to get started.

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