Ambassador Labs has launched the latest release of Ambassador Edge Stack, an integrated edge solution that empowers developer teams to quickly configure the edge services required to build, deliver, and scale applications for Kubernetes. HTTP/3 support has been added to Ambassador Edge Stack v3.0 and Emissary-ingress, the CNCF project originally donated by the company, making it simple for developers to manage and observe traffic from the Internet to their Kubernetes services, and to do so with resilience and security at scale.

Ambassador Edge Stack includes a modern ingress controller for always-on application availability with fine-grained traffic management controls. It also supports a variety of protocols that developers are familiar with, including gRPC and gRPC-Web and new support for HTTP/3, and support for automatic retries, timeouts, circuit breakers, and rate limiting to maximize application availability.

Ambassador Edge Stack with new HTTP/3 protocol support makes it easier than ever for developers to configure even more services at the edge so they can run applications and alert teams to all new application functions faster and with greater security.

Ambassador Labs also announced a series of learning programs, including the new Kubernetes Learning Center (KLC) site. The KLC site is a free online destination that offers a variety of hands-on training content learning opportunities for developers, platform engineers, architects, DevOps engineers and more.

Additionally, the company remains committed to helping developers accelerate their Kubernetes journey via the “Golden Path Pizza Party”, free technical lunch-and-learn program designed to help teams adopt Kubernetes using proven architectural patterns and trusted open source tools.

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