Data quality platform company Anomalo has announced a partnership with dbt Labs to provide data quality for dbt metrics, a part of the new dbt Semantic Layer. Anomalo is now a Metrics Ready Launch Partner of dbt Labs.

dbt is a transformation framework that enables businesses to transform, test and document data in the cloud data platform, producing data that the entire organization can trust. With the launch of dbt metrics and the dbt Semantic Layer, organizations can now centrally define key business metrics like ‘revenue,’ ‘customer count’ and ‘churn rate’ in dbt. This allows everyone in the business to feel confident that they are working from the same assumptions as their colleagues, regardless of their data tooling of choice.

If a metric definition is updated in dbt, it is seamlessly updated everywhere, ensuring consistency throughout the business. Metrics Ready integrations facilitate the building, discovery and reliability of dbt metrics definitions.

As a Metrics Ready Launch Partner, Anomalo will now automatically start monitoring metrics that are defined in the dbt Semantic Layer. When a joint customer monitors a dbt model in Anomalo, Anomalo’s Key Metric checks and default built-in data quality checks will monitor for any drift in the data that feeds dbt metrics.

Key Metric checks are an important piece of Anomalo’s data quality platform, and allow customers to track any business metrics in Anomalo and be notified when metrics have changed dramatically. All Key Metrics checks include interactive visualizations to allow for a fast assessment and resolution of any anomalies. Metric definitions are synced and consistent between the dbt Semantic Layer and Anomalo.

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