Anomalo Joins Databricks Partner Connect


Anomalo, the data quality platform company, is now part of Databricks Partner Connect, enabling Databricks customers to start monitoring the quality of the data in their Databricks Lakehouse immediately within their Databricks workspace.

Partner Connect helps Databricks customers discover validated data, analytics and AI tools and integrate these tools directly within their Databricks Lakehouse. One of Databricks’ first partners in data quality, Anomalo is providing an exclusive free trial to Databricks customers so that they can start monitoring their tables immediately to detect and root-cause data quality issues if they are not already an Anomalo customer.

Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI. This helps organizations streamline their data ingestion and management and make that data available for everything from business decision-making to predictive analytics and machine learning.

Anomalo addresses the data quality problem by monitoring enterprise data and automatically detecting and root-causing data issues, allowing teams to resolve any hiccups with their data before making decisions, running operations or powering models. Anomalo leverages machine learning to uncover a wide range of data failures with minimal human input. This is in contrast to legacy approaches to monitoring data quality that require extensive work writing data validation rules or setting limits and thresholds.