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Anomalo Partners With Google Cloud For Deep Data Observability On BigQuery


Anomalo, the data quality platform company, has joined hands with Google Cloud to help organizations trust the data they use to make decisions and build products. The combination provides customers with a way to monitor the quality of the data in any table in BigQuery’s platform without writing code, configuring rules or setting thresholds.

Anomalo addresses the data quality problem by monitoring enterprise data and automatically detecting and root-causing data issues, allowing teams to resolve any hiccups with their data before making decisions, running operations or powering models. Anomalo uses ML to automatically assess for a wide range of data quality issues, including deep data observability that learns when there’s an unexpected trend or correlation inside the data itself. If desired, enterprises can fine-tune Anomalo’s monitoring using no-code key metrics and validation rules or by defining any custom SQL check.

With Anomalo, organizations can now begin monitoring the quality of their data in less than five minutes. They simply connect Anomalo’s data quality platform to their BigQuery account and select the tables they wish to monitor. No further configuration or code is required.