Aparavi and Wasabi Technologies have announced a partnership agreement and validated interoperability of the Aparavi Platform with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to deliver improved storage consolidation and management. Users will benefit from reduced risks and costs by giving them the ability to move large datasets rapidly in and out of the cloud, with the luxury of a single platform for data discovery, indexing, classification, search and lifecycle management.

According to the company, the Aparavi Platform can improve storage consolidation and management on Wasabi by revealing hidden data, valuable data assets, and redundant, outdated and trivial (ROT) data. The platform reveals companies’ unstructured data footprint so they can identify, classify and optimize, and move it to fully take advantage of its potential value.

Once organizations unlock and fully understand the value of their data sets, the Aparavi Platform can give end-users the ability to manage that data’s lifecycle. For example, the Platform’s data actions feature enables the end-user or service provider to migrate data to compatible cloud storage repositories like Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage and reap significant cost and performance benefits. The end result is reduced risks and costs and the ability to leverage data for business insights and new revenue streams.

While unstructured data has the potential to provide critical insights and information, it also may be ROT, or contain errors. Despite these pitfalls, organizations continue to collect it, store it and create multiple backups of it, and after many life cycles of backups and migration journeys, they’re often left with massive data swamps.

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