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Apollo GraphQL Launches Contracts To Help Create Tailored Graphs For Different Audiences


Apollo GraphQL has announced the launch of Contracts, a new feature that allows enterprise software teams to create tailored graphs for different audiences by applying filters to a single unified graph. With Contracts, graph platform teams can now offer a tailored experience for client audiences while maintaining all of the benefits of the graph.

Contracts are powered by a flexible tagging and filtering system, enabling many use cases. Graph platform teams can use Contracts to expose specific and relevant parts of the graph to partner developers; filter to only the relevant fields for internal client developers to find the data they need; restrict access to experimental parts of the graph while still allowing for testing and use by early adopters; and create varying access levels for different personas in multi-sided marketplaces without exposing the entire graph. All of this helps users adopt and maintain a product mindset by designing schemas that suit both customers and client developers’ needs.

The unified graph is a key differentiator for organizations leveraging GraphQL. However, before Contracts, all developers had the same experience on the unified graph. Now, with Contracts, platform teams can create filters to deliver a tailored experience for multiple different audiences.

Apollo also recently announced the latest version of Federation, an open architecture designed to empower enterprises and high-growth organizations to implement and orchestrate GraphQL services at scale. With Federation 2, organizations both small and large can use Federation to unify their services into a single graph to deliver apps faster and streamline multi-team collaboration.