It’s well known that Apple not only uses but also contributes to many open source projects. You may not know but Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple, is powered by Apache Mesos.

Apple heavily contributes to the open source projects they use. Unlike many other companies, Apple doesn’t like to talk much about it.

The first time I saw Apple booth at any Open Source conference was at KubeCon in Seattle last year.

Now Apple is officially joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a top-level Platinum End User Member. Apple is joining 87 existing CNCF end-user members like Adidas, Atlassian, Box, GitHub, The New York Times, Reddit, Spotify and Walmart.

As part of Apple’s Platinum membership, Tom Doron, Senior Engineering Manager at Apple has joined CNCF’s Governing Board.

CNCF is one of the biggest Linux Foundation collaborative projects that’s also home to Kubernetes.

Source: CNCF

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