Applitools has announced the use of Applitools Visual AI on Sonatype’s Nexus Lifecycle which helps developers and security professionals make safer and smarter open source choices across the software supply chain.

Sonatype first sought Applitools to address a core problem that was affecting the functionality of its web applications: visual drift due to code changes with unaccounted UI dependencies.

When developing its Nexus Lifecycle product, Sonatype noticed that small changes in code altered the application visually in unanticipated ways. Sonatype used a range of functional test automation tools, but visual issues were not being detected.

Prior to using Applitools Eyes, the Sonatype development team spent the equivalent of three full-time engineers working to uncover and address undetected failures each release. This work often functioned as a spot-check for 1,000+ pages of the application during development, slowing down the delivery of product to market.

Since using Applitools Eyes, Sonatype has seen a complete eradication of visual drift in its applications. Today, if engineers make a change in their margins across a number of pages, all the differences show up as highlights in Applitools.

Applitools also enables engineers to accept identical changes across a number of pages – leaving only the unanticipated differences, the company added.

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