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Aqua Security Helps Stop Supply Chain Attacks On Cloud-Native Applications


Aqua Security, the cloud native security provider, has announced an end-to-end software supply chain security solution. The new solution ensures protection across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) and helps organizations proactively prevent and stop supply chain attacks on cloud native applications.

The Aqua Software Supply Chain Security Solution provides alerts and acceptance gates along the entire code and build stages to proactively reduce risk as early as possible in the development life cycle. These assurance policies can be automated, further shortening the feedback loop for development and security teams and eliminating these associated costs.

The solution is part of Aqua’s fully integrated Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), the Aqua Platform. As the first CNAPP to include a supply chain solution, Aqua is redefining the CNAPP category with even more integration and end-to-end protection.

The Aqua Supply Chain Solution introduces new robust features including: code scanning, CI/CD posture management, pipeline security, next-generation SBOM, and open source health assessment.

Powered by Aqua Trivy Premium, the enterprise version of the popular open source universal cloud native security scanner, developers can find and remediate vulnerabilities and other risks within code to deliver safer code faster.

The solution also helps secure your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tool chain to establish a zero-trust DevOps environment, and enforce Least Privilege Access to reduce security risks and meet compliance requirements.

Additionally, the Aqua Supply Chain Solution helps identify new or non-compliant CI pipelines and apply customizable security assurance policies across your entire organization’s CI with a single click.