News Briefs: Aqua Security has announced an end-to-end solution for scanning, application assurance and runtime protection for application workloads running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

The runtime protection has two tiers: standard and advanced protection.

Standard Tier:

  • Scan their applications for vulnerabilities during the Continuous Integration process
  • Provision policies to block unauthorised applications during the staging phase
  • Scan and monitor application or container artifacts for vulnerabilities, malware, and user activity
  • Apply host assurance policies for application or container artifacts

Advanced Tier:

  • Detect and block unapproved changes to running application workloads
  • Monitor and control application activity based on customised policies
  • View application network connections and apply firewall rules that whitelist authorised connections
  • Leverage granular audit trails of access activity, scan events and coverage, application activity and system events

Aqua Security for PCF installs natively as a Buildpack (containing the languages, runtimes, libraries, and services used by the app), and the advanced runtime protection component is implemented as a Bosh add-on, protecting all Pivotal Application Service apps without requiring any manual changes or individual re-deployments of Aqua per application.

Pivotal customers can get Aqua Security for PCF directly from the Pivotal services marketplace.

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