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Aqua Stars To Honor Top OSS Contributors


Aqua Security, the pure-play cloud native security provider, has launched a new initiative called Aqua Stars to celebrate its top open source software (OSS) contributors. With monthly awards, the recognition program spotlights contributors who have made significant impacts on Aqua’s open source projects and the cloud native security community. These awards recognize the efforts of the largest open source cloud native security community in the world and those who help make cloud native security accessible to everyone.

Each month, Aqua will honor a Star Contributor with a prize. Aqua Stars will be featured in the Aqua Stars Hall of Fame which will highlight their journeys in open source and their contributions. The program culminates in the recognition of the Super Star Contributor, who will join Aqua’s open source team for an all-expenses-paid trip to KubeCon 2023.

Individuals will be considered for the Aqua Stars program by making any kind of significant contribution to Aqua’s key open source projects. Aqua is kicking off this initiative by recognizing a group of contributors, who have been instrumental in its community over the past 12 months.

Aqua Stars is an extension of Aqua’s mission to invest, advocate for and drive innovation within the OSS cloud native security community at large.