Arcion, creator of the cloud-native, CDC-based data replication platform, has announced agentless change data capture (CDC) for all of its supported databases and applications. Enterprises can now replicate data in real time, at scale, with guaranteed delivery — but without the inherent performance issues, security concerns, and administrative burdens associated with the installation of proprietary software on database servers.

Unlike its nearest competitors, Arcion provides agentless CDC for all supported platforms, including Microsoft Azure and SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, SAP HANA, Salesforce, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, MySQL, and numerous others. Agentless CDC eliminates the need to install and manage proprietary software on the database server. This offers three primary benefits: better performance, simplified compliance, and substantially lower administrative costs.

The agentless approach provides real-time replication without adversely affecting the performance of the database server. Arcion reads directly from database logs, never reading from the database itself and never deploying any code on a production system. As such, it does not consume substantial computational resources on the database server, even at volume.

Arcion’s agentless CDC model also operates outside the scope of restrictions commonly imposed by application vendors and hosting providers. Application vendors like SAP and Oracle, for example, limit the installation of third-party code on their database servers — or even prohibit it altogether. In some cases, vendors may require extensive certification (and frequent recertification) before allowing software to be installed alongside the database. Arcion requires no such installation, making it fully available for any supported platform, regardless of vendor policies.

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