Arcion continues to power the next generation of AI and analytics applications with real-time enterprise data from online transaction processing (OLTP) databases like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, and Postgres. Arcion’s new connectors for Oracle and MySQL offer 10x more throughput, effectively utilizing the underneath scalable architecture.

“The resulting forward momentum is incredible,” said Arcion CEO Gary Hagmueller. “These latest strides further position Arcion as the unrivaled leader in real-time, large-scale CDC data pipeline technology for the enterprise AI era and beyond, setting up the company for unprecedented growth and development well into the foreseeable future.”

Enterprises have started embracing Snowflake to store and manage operational data, and Arcion is proud to announce a native connector for Snowflake. Using Arcion’s new Snowflake connector, enterprises can seamlessly replicate data stored in Snowflake to any platform. This is especially exciting to firms that are beginning to use such data to feed the vector databases and large language models (LLMs) that power their customized AI initiatives. Arcion also added online schema change support for all its OLTP connectors, ensuring no pipeline downtime if database schemas are changed.

As a result of its performance, Arcion is expanding its customer base beyond its projections. For new customer Chegg, the efficiency and reliability Arcion offers for ingesting data from transactional sources into the company’s lakehouse is proving vital for their analytics, data science requirements, and AI initiatives.

Partner Expansion

The company recently announced its participation in Connect with Confluent, providing enterprises with real-time data streaming through a single integration. This partnership now enables Confluent customers to accelerate growth and consumption while supercharging their go-to-market strategies.

In addition, Arcion is proud to be the technology partner for the Redis Data Integration tool.

New Financing

Arcion’s innovation and development has been accelerated with a strong capital base, which has now grown thanks to additional funding from Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, the venture capital program of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Pathfinder’s increased investment helps Arcion continue progress in achieving its vision for real-time data mobility.

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