Arcitecta, a data management software company, and Spectra Logic, a data management and data storage solutions company, have joined hands to deliver two solutions that simplify data lifecycle management and accelerate performance speed, innovation, and business success. The Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl NAS solution provides high-performance scale-out NAS and the Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage solution provides archive economics, high availability, enterprise-grade data protection and massive cost savings.

“The combined solutions offer unprecedented high performance, scalability, security, efficiency, and significant cost savings,” said Matt Starr, CTO of Spectra Logic. “With Arcitecta’s innovative data management solutions and Spectra Logic’s technology strengths and capabilities, customers can cost-effectively manage massive data volumes in powerful new ways – a game-changer in the data storage industry.”

Arcitecta Mediaflux and Spectra Logic BlackPearl together provide automatic tiering with complete data lifecycle management, easy administration, and on-premises S3 object storage with infinite scalability and easy search and access control. By storing data on-premises, the solutions reduce the latency associated with accessing data stored in the cloud.

The Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl NAS storage solution is currently available.

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