Armis, the asset visibility and security company, has announced its partnership with cloud security provider Wiz as the company unveils Wiz Integration (WIN). Armis brings the power of its Asset Intelligence & Security Platform to WIN so that customers can seamlessly integrate Wiz into their existing workflows. The WIN platform enables Wiz and Armis to share prioritized security findings with context including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues and configuration findings.

Mutual customers of Armis and Wiz will receive the following benefits:

  • The ability to correlate security and vulnerability aspects with assets, enabling customers to see the full extent of their environment in Armis – physical, virtual and cloud.
  • Retrieve detailed information in the Armis console on cloud resources and assets that are seen by Wiz.
  • Enrichment of existing Armis devices with data exposed by Wiz, including information about types of assets, models, operating systems and more.

The combined value of these two offerings will streamline security for organizations that are on a cloud journey, regardless of where they may be on that journey.

Nadir Izrael, CTO and Co-founder of Armis, said, “As a cybersecurity community, we are better together when it comes to defending against the increasingly sophisticated attacks of malicious actors. Today there are more connected assets than ever which has created a bigger attack surface heavily targeted by attackers. WIN and the benefits derived from this program’s partnerships will help organizations protect themselves better as attacks continue to increase.”

“A best-in-class cloud operating model reduces risk, improves ROI, and drives efficiency,” said Oron Noah, Director of Product Management, Wiz. “That value proposition is what lies at the heart of WIN, and what partners like Armis are helping to make a reality. This collaborative philosophy brings real customer benefits and we are so thankful to have Armis on board for this launch.”

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