Here comes Aspen Mesh 1.1 with new features, improved stability and enhanced performance. The release is said to provide all the features of Istio along with the support of the Aspen Mesh platform and team, and additional features you need to operate in the enterprise.

The release offers a reduction in memory consumption by the sidecars. This benefit is primarily driven by reducing the set of statistics exposed by each sidecar.

Aspen Mesh 1.1 is also said to support multiple control plane topology which provides the desired control plane availability and no restrictions on the IP layout. Networking across clusters is set up via the ingress gateways which rely on mTLS (common root Certificate Authority across clusters) to verify the peer traffic.

The 1.1 release also provides a new Sidecar resource to enable operators to configure the ingress and egress of each proxy. With this resource, users can control the scope and visibility of configuration distributed to the sidecars and attain better resource utilization and scalability of Istio components.

New Helm installation options are also added in this release that is useful in customizing Aspen Mesh based on your needs.

Get started with the latest release from here.

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