As part of a recent collaboration between Auburn University and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), an Auburn AI expert has been named as a guest scientist for the latter to address national cyber threats.

In this role, Daniel Tauritz, associate professor in Auburn’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, will be responsible for developing Auburn research programs to help solve the national security issues that LANL addresses.

In addition to his cybersecurity work, Tauritz will work with undergraduate and graduate students, Auburn University faculty and LANL scientists on issues ranging from areas of research to workforce development.

Tauritz has been working with LANL on various cybersecurity projects that use AI to solve national security problems. His flagship project being Coevolving Attacker and Defender Strategies for Large Infrastructure Networks, or CEADS-LIN. This project aims to develop a fully automated system that identifies high-impact attacks in enterprise computer networks and creates corresponding defenses.

Tauritz joined Auburn in August as both an associate professor and the chief cyber artificial intelligence strategist of the Auburn Cyber Research Center.

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