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AWS re:Invent: It Is All About The Data


Guest: Pavel Despot (LinkedIn)
Company: Akamai Technologies (Twitter)

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, I sat down with Pavel Despot, Senior Product Marketing Manager Cloud at Akamai Technologies, to hear his take on the recently concluded AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

While some tech cynics say the event’s big announcement was that there was no announcement, Despot says the clear takeaways were AWS’ expansion into applications and its enhanced utilization of data.

As to why AWS is focusing on applications, Despot is not at all surprised. “If you look at their size, after all these years of massive investment, they have to show new markets, they have to show revenue growth in different verticals, they have all these metrics as a publicly traded company that they have to address. And they are leveraging a lot of those markets that they operate in.”

Despot says the notion of data gravity was also a focal point. Once a decision to put data somewhere, there are implications that the cloud consumer should keep in mind. Again, it is AWS expanding on what they already know. He explains, “If you look at some of the announcements around data, it was around the supply chain. It was around AI. It had to do with some of the stuff that they learned from operating an amazingly massively efficient logistics network.”

Dive deep into Despot’s interesting viewpoints on AWS in the video above.