Axis Security has announced its Atmos 2022 Summer Release, featuring enhanced visibility for IT administrators, better control over data flow, an easier way to embrace adaptive trust, and a superior agent to other Security Service Edge (SSE) platforms.

According to the company, the latest version of Atmos is aimed at solving many pain points for enterprises, with some of the coolest new innovations in SSE across private access, Internet access and digital experience monitoring in a way that is faster than others can innovate.

Atmos Experience ensures that the IT Helpdesk remains in tune with end user device issues, like spikes in CPU use, network outages and application performance challenges. Second, is the Atmos Additional Domain Discovery tool. During the onboarding of private applications, this tool allows IT to discover previously unknown domains related to the applications, and easily apply them to the application via a simple to use policy-tagging system.

With URL filtering now added in, Atmos Web Gateway blocks threats and malware hidden within “innocent” web pages by controlling and filtering out every malicious web resource that is loaded to the user’s page. When a user accesses an authorized website domain, each URL served to the user is identified, categorized, and controlled by Atmos Web Gateway, so that the user’s traffic is fully protected.

Automating operations through adaptive trust: There are three major components within this release. First is automatic session termination, which immediately severs existing user-to-app connections when changes to user groups in the IDP takes place.

Second is IDP Certification expiration reminders. Axis creates a cybersecurity mesh that makes life easy for customers. Atmos uses API integrations with IDP vendors and sends alerts prior to an IDP certification’s expiration. Administrators receive notifications from Atmos alerting them that it’s time to renew their IDP certificate. Lastly, simplified identity operations. When troubleshooting, or pro-actively assisting end users, IT admins can create and send a custom password reset link directly to the user, right from with the Atmos UI.

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