Axis Security has announced the launch of its new cloud-native platform called Atmos. Short for Atmosphere, Atmos is the modern alternative to legacy hub and spoke network architectures, and Security Service Edge (SSE) platforms that have datacenter-based architectures. Atmos helps IT avoid the need to connect users to the corporate network, reduce exposure to ransomware threats, and spend less time on costly, and complex, firewall-based network segmentation.

The cloud-native platform extends secure connectivity out to the user’s location through its 350 Atmos edge locations running on the global backbone of AWS Global Accelerator, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle. It integrates the four key SSE modules – ZTNA, SWG, CASB and Digital Experience monitoring – into one platform with one pane of glass.

Atmos enables an elegant syncing of authentication, authorization, and connectivity across the workforce, ecosystem partners, and hybrid cloud infrastructure with its Security Service Edge (SSE) architecture.

Atmos sits inline empowering IT to inspect all traffic, easily brokering surgical, one-to-one, connections based on identity and policy, and perform end-user experience monitoring. Customers can then provide end users with secure access to business applications from anywhere, provide safe access to the internet and SaaS apps, and boost user productivity.

Atmos will be generally available for new and existing customers in May 2022. The platform will be packaged into three software editions – Atmos Core, Atmos Enterprise, and Atmos Harmony. Customers will have the option to select from a variety of Atmos support packages as well.

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