AirMap has opted for Microsoft Azure as the company’s exclusive cloud-computing platform for its drone traffic management platform and developer ecosystem. As part of the alliance, Microsoft will help AirMap evolve its products and scale to countries looking to enable the use of drones for commercial scenarios in a responsible way.

According to Ben Marcus, AirMap cofounder and Chairman, “Microsoft Azure provides essential cloud computing infrastructure for the AirMap platform to orchestrate safe and responsible drone operations around the world.”

AirMap works with civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers, and local authorities to implement an airspace management system that supports and enforces secure and responsible access to low-altitude airspace for drones. With AirMap’s airspace management platform running on Microsoft Azure, the two companies are delivering a platform that will allow state and local authorities to authorize drone flights and enforce local rules and restrictions on how and when they can be operated.

Their solution also enables companies to ensure that compliance and security are a core part of their enterprise workflows that incorporate drones.
AirMap said it selected Microsoft Azure because it provides the critical cloud-computing infrastructure, security, and reliability needed to run these airspace services and orchestrate drone operations around the world.

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