Microsoft has announced that Azure Quantum, the full-stack, public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, is now open for business.

Azure Quantum enables developers, researchers, systems integrators, and customers to learn and build solutions based on the latest innovations—using familiar tools in the most trusted public cloud.

“The unified Azure Quantum ecosystem will accelerate your R&D with access to diverse quantum software and hardware solutions, a network of leading quantum researchers and developers, a robust resource library, and flexible self-service or tailored development programs for customers and systems integrators,” Krysta Svore, general manager of Microsoft Quantum, said in a blog post.

Microsoft first announced Azure Quantum in November 2019. It has been available in limited preview since last year.

Developers can write programs with Q# and the QDK and experiment running the code against simulators and a variety of quantum hardware.

Azure Quantum helps target a variety of hardware – Azure classical compute, quantum simulators and resource estimators, and quantum hardware from Microsoft’s partners, as well as the future quantum system being built on topological qubit.

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