According to a new memo from President Joe Biden, foreign policy and national security institutions must modernize to succeed in a competitive world.

The aim is to “close mission-critical knowledge and skills gaps, compete in and win the race for talent, equip our workforce with cutting-edge technology and agile, flexible, and adaptive organizational structures, and establish incentives and rewards for innovation across the Government,” the memorandum says.

President Biden will sign a National Security Memorandum to modernize how the national security community recruits, retains, and empowers its workforce to lead on new and emerging national security challenges.

This NSM will establish an interagency working group to develop proposals to recruit, retain, and support national security professions, including creating additional pathways for Americans with skills in critical areas such as cyber, technology, and science, technology, engineering, and math to engage in public service.

It also organizes the national security community to better work with outside partners, including state and local governments, colleges and universities, and civil society.

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