Guest: John Amaral (LinkedIn) | Gal Malachi (LinkedIn)
Company: Slim.AI (Twitter) | BigID (Twitter)

From day one, Slim.AI has been helping developers, DevOps, and DevSecOps focus on: 1) understanding and evaluating the software inside their containers, 2) shipping only the code needed to run in their production environment, and 3) optimizing the security profile to reduce vulnerabilities.

“These three objectives are highly aligned with the sort of modern ambitions and concerns in our industry. If you do those three things, you can really take control of software supply chain security, and make a much more secure application,” said John Amaral, Co-Founder and CEO of Slim.AI.

Data privacy-focused companies such BigID have partnered with Slim.AI to further their journey on creating the most secure apps for their customers. Gal Malachi, Director of Software Engineering, explains that BigID helps organizations gain visibility and control of their regulatory, sensitive, and metadata data. Its application is relied on by companies as the foundation of their data security, governance, and compliance, helping them to secure their most critical assets. However, the security of BigID’s application is only as good as the security of the tools they use. That’s where Slim.AI comes in.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Panel, we dive deep into what BigID does and why it is partnering with Slim.AI to address security from the inside out.

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