Bigleaf Networks Launches AI-Powered Risk Monitoring


Bigleaf Networks has launched a new AI-based feature called Risk Monitoring within their SD-WAN platform. The new feature is claimed to bring alerting into the modern era by using intelligent software to identify and translate network events into business risks.

Bigleaf’s dashboard includes a new widget that shows the number of risks a site currently has triggered and highlights the top three risks for that site.

The risks Bigleaf monitors span the spectrum from site outages to load balancing across different circuits.

Bigleaf claims to expose a total of 12 different risks in the initial launch of this new feature. These include extended periods of elevated health alarm levels, circuit outage(s) that result in only a single circuit remaining up as well as site outage.

These actionable, risk-focused alerts are claimed to give IT and network managers a clear path to resolving issues that may exist with their ISP, equipment, or configuration.