Here is some good news for developers looking to use an Akida-based environment for their deep machine learning needs! BrainChip Holdings has announced that access to its Akida Development Environment (ADE) no longer requires pre-approval, now allowing designers to freely develop systems for edge and enterprise products on the company’s Akida Neural Processing technology.

ADE is a machine learning framework for creating, training and testing deeply learned neural networks. The platform leverages TensorFlow and Keras for neural network development, optimization and training. Once the network model is fully trained, the ADE includes a simple-to-use compiler to map the network to the Akida fabric and run hardware accurate simulations on the Akida Execution Engine.

The framework uses the Python scripting language and its associated tools and libraries, including Jupyter notebooks, NumPy and Matplotlib. With just a few lines, developers can easily run the Akida simulator on industry-standard datasets and benchmarks in the Akida model zoo such as Imagenet1000, Google Speech Commands, MobileNet among others. Users can easily create, modify, train and test their own models within a simple use development environment.

ADE comprises three main Python packages: Akida Execution Engine, CNN development tool and Akida model zoo.

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