Buoyant has announced the public beta release of the managed service mesh SaaS Buoyant Cloud. Buoyant Cloud allows any Linkerd adopter to increase the reliability and reduce the operational cost of their service mesh deployment, through a suite of proactive diagnostics, performance management, and on-demand support features for the service mesh.

This beta release of Buoyant Cloud includes a free tier that is open to all Linkerd adopters, and a core feature set that includes automatic tracking of Linkerd data plane and control plane health; managing service mesh lifecycles and versions; and building a transformative service mesh platform for their business.

Buoyant Cloud automatically and continuously assesses and validates the health of the Linkerd deployment and pinpoints potential issues ahead of time, while providing a global, cross-cluster view of Linkerd’s behavior so users can monitor and report on Linkerd best practices.

Also, Buoyant Cloud allows users to easily manage service mesh versions and lifecycles across pods, proxies, and clusters by identifying data plane and version incompatibilities and sanity-checking mesh installs and upgrades.

Buoyant will host a virtual launch event for Buoyant Cloud on July 1, 2021.

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