Buoyant Launches A SaaS “Team Control Plane” For Kubernetes


Buoyant has launched Dive, a SaaS “control plane” for platform teams operating Kubernetes. Dive is the result of 4+ years of experience helping organizations deploy Linkerd to production.

Built by the same team that created Linkerd, Dive is about communication at its core. Every change to your infrastructure automatically gets a permalink, which can be pasted into Slack, commented on, and tied to other changes. Every service gets a homepage, which can be augmented with SLOs, runbooks, and ownership information. And everyone in the organization gets a live view of what’s deployed, where it’s running, and who deployed it. In short: everyone gets on the same page.

While Linkerd, like Kubernetes, solves a critical piece of the puzzle, there’s more to running a high-scale, fast-moving, reliable, and secure application that installing a service mesh–especially when it comes to the challenges of people and process. As the company puts it, Dive solves the next piece of the puzzle: it extends Linkerd’s ability to solve real problems from the domain of services in an application to people in an organization.

Dive is currently free while in private beta.