Capgemini Group has announced the opening of two labs to enable industry experimentation and deployment of 5G and Edge technologies. Located in France and India, each of these 5G Labs is aimed at helping organizations across every industry to pivot their business to be ready to take advantage of the 5G and Edge revolution.

The new 5G Labs in Paris and Mumbai complement the 5G Lab for telecommunications companies, enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) which opened in December 2020 in Portugal, focused on the development of network capabilities and solutions.

The multidisciplinary team of experts at the labs will accompany organizations in the exploration of the latest use cases; experiencing new perspectives on how 5G is transforming their industry; and in helping them to build, monetize, and strategize what 5G brings next for their business.

Services include strategy, ideation and planning, use case design and development, and ecosystem orchestration and integration.

With an ecosystem of partners (both telecom and technology driven) and focus on end-to-end solutions for industries, Capgemini’s 5G experts have developed four dedicated areas of specialty, based on industry requirements and use cases.

Smart Factory: for the manufacturing and automotive sector; it covers production activities carried out in factories and warehouses.

Smart Utilities: for the energy and chemicals sectors; it covers processes, logistics and operations. Examples of use cases: remote monitoring of sites, mission-critical process control, energy efficiency & sustainability.

Smart Cities: for the public sector (including transport, health, education); it covers services provided to large samples of population.

Smart Retail: for the retail, consumer goods and luxury goods sector; it covers activities that enhance the personalization of services to end consumers.

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