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Capture The Data Quality Health Of The Entire Enterprise With Anomalo Pulse


Few organizations have the tools to measure improvements in data quality and it is never clear how good is good enough. No data is perfect. Anomalo, the data quality platform company, has come up with the Pulse dashboard to provide a comprehensive view of data quality in an organization and aggregate all the data quality vitals in one place.

Anomalo’s Pulse dashboard provides data owners with the metrics and KPIs to capture the state of data quality performance over time and allows them to understand data quality coverage — understand how much of the enterprise data is actually monitored for data quality issues, define the gold standard and pinpoint blind spots. It also helps identify tables whose data doesn’t arrive on time or meet SLAs and track improvements in data quality week to week by visualizing the number of issues discovered and resolved by the data team.

Anomalo’s Pulse dashboard also helps data owners use the ranked list of problem areas to prioritize and define the next set of data quality goals.

Pulse also provides a deep dive into each of these statistics making it clear exactly what next steps should be prioritized to improve data quality in an organization.