Carbon Relay has announced the acquisition of StormForger, a performance testing as a service platform. With the acquisition, Carbon Relay is renaming to StormForge.

The company is announcing the integrated platform as the first available to DevOps and IT professionals that can automatically test, analyze, configure, optimize, and release containerized applications to remove the risk of negatively affecting user experience and customer trust.

The StormForge Platform uses machine learning to study, replicate, and stress-test application environments, and then proactively learn and deploy optimal configurations, schedules, and resource allocations—all with minimal engineering effort.

The StormForge Platform can be integrated into an organization’s CI/CD workflow to build automated, continuous performance testing and optimization into the release process.

The acquisition of StormForger’s technology introduces a core layer of proactive application optimization into the Platform with enhanced performance and load testing capabilities.

The StormForge Platform now offers a suite of features aimed at identifying and deploying efficient containerized applications.

With StormForge, users can leverage machine learning to automatically transform applications for cloud-native success and cut operational costs. By combining performance testing with application optimization, cloud-native applications automatically become more reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient.

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