The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) recently announced new members, community growth, and more at the start of their first annual CDCon.

CDF also announced the appointment of Tracy Miranda as its new Executive Director. Miranda has worked closely with the CDF since the creation of the foundation.

She will work closely with the CDF hosted projects and help members and the wider Continuous Delivery CI/CD community improve their software development security and speed when creating cloud-native, legacy infrastructure, mobile, IoT, and bare-metal applications.

Codefresh, Fidelity Investments, Octopus Deploy, and Shipa are joining the CD Foundation as new members. They join members Capital One, CircleCI, Cloudbees, Fujitsu, Google, Huawei, IBM, JFrog, Netflix, and Salesforce, as well as the broader open source CI/CD community.

According to the Foundation, community growth in 2020 has been extremely strong across the board. Of the four founding projects, Jenkins moved to Graduation status, Jenkins X started a Linux Foundation training course (LFS268 CI/CD with Jenkins X), Tekton moved to beta, and Spinnaker held its Spinnaker LIVE event, boasting 1,183 contributors in the last year.

And Screwdriver, simplified interfacing for Jenkins originally developed by Yahoo, now Verizon Media, joined as our first Incubation Project.

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